Pacific Science & Engineering Group, Inc. ("PSE") specializes in human factors engineering, human-system integration, cognitive science, and organizational processes for solving challenging problems in complex military and commercial systems. We create prototyped products in addition to delivering exceptional services.

We are a small business and have been headquartered in San Diego, California since 1984. Most of our staff hold advanced degrees.

About Us

Working collaboratively with users, customers, and system engineers, PSE employs state-of-the-art processes, tools, and products to develop user-centered designs, conduct applied research, develop models and simulations, assess usability, and conduct operationally-based evaluations.


Our products improve system effectiveness, reduce error, and enhance user performance and decision-making quality. We support general system development, medical system design, work process involvement, and all aspects of the DoD Acquisition and System Engineering Technical Review.



New article by PSE researcher Tzvi Spivak on cognitive load published in Human Factors
August 2019

Tzvi Spivak published a research article in the August 2019 issue of the journal Human Factors. The article is titled, “Cognitive load and situation awareness for soldiers: Effects of message presentation rate and sensory modality.” Soldiers commonly communicate tactical information by radio (in contrast to text). In this paper, we sought to determine the influence of message presentation rate (MPR) and sensory modality on soldier cognitive load through an experiment involving a tactical scenario. Publications available upon request.

PSE engineer Sabrina Moran presents her work on in-vehicle display placement at the Applied Human Factors and Ergonomics conference
August 2019

Sabrina Moran presented her research at the July meeting of the Applied Human Factors and Ergonomics conference. The presentation was titled, “Using the lane change test to evaluate in-vehicle display placements.” She also co-chaired two of the Human Factors in Transportation sessions. Publications available upon request.