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Training & User Aids

PSE develops training materials for a variety of customers in military, commercial, and medical environments. We produce training programs and user aids in formats that are most effective, including: user manuals, quick reference guides (QRGs), embedded training, job performance aids, and decision support tools. We use a unique mix of established and cutting edge approaches, such as our proprietary approach for leader development that was developed for members of the armed forces. All of our training products are tested to ensure their effectiveness.Image of medical device quick reference guide

Our multidisciplinary teams offer a comprehensive approach to training and user aids, including:

  • Needs analysis and program evaluation - both pre- and post-training
  • Interface & navigational assistance through use of user reference guides or user aids
  • A wide variety of tailored training materials and guidance that can support new systems or improve existing capabilities

Our staff are experts at applying the latest technologies (e.g. virtual reality, augmented/mixed reality, and interactive media) to streamline and improve training effectiveness.

We pride ourselves that most of our customers repeatedly engage our training services, based on proven results.

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