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Test & Evaluation

PSE provides test and evaluation (T&E) services tailored to both laboratory and field environments. Early design visualizations and low-fidelity prototypes are best tested in controlled, dedicated lab settings where we can precisely measure the impact of a design intervention or conceptual schema. Conversely, we go to the field to test high-fidelity prototypes and systems that are near-delivery-ready to incorporate the stress and impact of the environment where the systems will be used. Image of lab-based system mockups

We design our evaluations to determine “why” systems work--what the humans contribute and what the technology contributes. Our experienced multidisciplinary T&E teams value a hands-on approach where we take advantage of face-to-face discussions with our customers and system users. Consequently, our results are robust, based on realistic performance of the technologies with the humans in the system.

PSE provides a full range of T&E services that can be used at any stage or we can provide end-to-end support:

  • Scoping the T&E effort – we quickly develop a detailed Data Collection and Analysis Plan (DCAP)
  • Modeling the work process - we are experts at conducting task analyses and developing system architecture diagrams
  • Designing the data collection effort - our extensive item banks provide a rich resource for the development of test instruments
  • Collecting and analyzing the data - we use industry best practices to ensure that data are robust and objective as well as informative for decision makers
  • Reporting the data and developing recommendations - we provide verifiable and actionable results in a practical "What's the bottom line?" format

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