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What we've done

Concept Design
We support concept design by working closely with software developers and engineers as well as subject matter experts to provide concepts of visual and interaction designs that enable users to get the job done effectively while balancing constraints of engineering, cost, and schedule.

Prototype Development
The display concepts we build are rooted in a well-established research base describing human limitations, preferences, and capabilities; essentially, they are created with the human user in mind.
  • Janus is a suite of composible peripheral modules that display system summary information and supports rapid scanning to help supervisors identify deviations and where to focus their attention
  • MEOT, the Mission Effectiveness Optimization Toolkit, provides accurate and detailed information to a user - the mission planner - to assist in the identification and mitigation of potential mission performance issues
  • SLATE is a context-rich wireless collaboration tool for distributed teams and supports both synchronous and asynchronous communication of text and spatial information, activity coordination, and information management
  • Unmanned Aerial Systems (UAS) launched from a submarine required a concept of operations for UAS-sub integration that defined roles, tasks, workflow, and new user interface concepts

System and Interface Usability
This research seeks to understand who your users are and what problems they face as they interact with or navigate your system. Our usability work not only considers but also meets and adapts to end users’ goals, expectations and requirements.

Test and Evaluation
We use both laboratory and field environments for testing. Our highly skilled team of engineers and scientists value the “hands on” approach and encourage each member of the team to have face-to-face discussions with those who we support.

Training and User Aids
We have developed training materials, user manuals, quick reference guides, embedded training, job performance aids, and decision support tools for a variety of complex and high-profile systems.

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