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System & Interface Usability

User-centered research and design are at the heart of PSE's usability services. We do front-end research to ensure that we understand the goals, expectations, and requirements of end users. Of highest priority as we design and conduct usability assessments is optimizing the overall user experience. We produce a clear comprehensive report of the user's ability to conduct tasks effectively and recommendations for providing a satisfying user experience.Image of user at a console

Our approach blends traditional human factors assessments, heuristic reviews, and usability evaluations with proven contemporary approaches. We apply these techniques to a wide variety of complex systems and interfaces to understand and report user expectations and experiences.

Our teams conduct usability assessments in the laboratory, remotely, or on-site in the user's operational environment. We adapt to your constraints through usability assessment methods such as end-user or subject matter interviews to determine which changes can make the greatest impact. We also deliver and analyze surveys as required for capturing user input and recommendations.

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