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PSE work is showcased at DARPA's Ft. AP Hill Computational Weapon Optic demonstration

March 2015

PSE’s work is in the news as DARPA demonstrates its experimental Computational Weapon Optic (CWO) smart scope and head-mounted displays to potential military users. PSE cognitive scientists Dr. Dirk Beer and Dr. Erica Viklund designed interfaces and helped script the live fire demonstration at Ft. AP Hill in March. Examples of PSE contributions are a high-visibility electronic reticle, an intuitive guided zeroing interface, a visual fratricide warning indication, and a task-tailored head-mounted navigation display. PSE provides cognitive science-based analysis, recommendations, and designs to the DARPA TransApps and SCENICC programs. Drs. Beer and Viklund worked closely with users to ensure these breakthrough capabilities enhance infantry warfighter mission performance by reducing cognitive load while enhancing valuable attentional resources.

Recent articles in Gizmodo describe and illustrate the head-mounted display and computational weapon optic. The video below showcases the capabilities of the Computational Weapon Optic system, and was provided by DARPA's Transformative Applications (TransApps) team.

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