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Concept Design

PSE creates visualizations that bring concepts to life. Our advanced display designs are effective — gounded in the science of the ways in which people process information. We elicit and validate user requirements and work closely with your software developers and system engineers to provide a polished concept that enables you to optimize your product and streamline your development process. Our expertise in multiple domains allows us to evolve concepts into designs that are relevant to the actual environments where they will be applied.Image of Concept Designs

PSE's multidisciplinary teams build design concepts for both novel technical capabilities and updates to existing systems. We build conceptual diagrams early — before a system or upgrade is built — ensuring that critical human capabilities are incorporated into the development process. We utilize a variety of data visualization techniques to produce:

  • System requirements
  • Storyboards, use cases, and user personas
  • Wireframes – low–fidelity design representations
  • Mock–ups – medium to high–fidelity designs
  • Workflow and process design

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